The most beautiful woman in the world (By Dami O-Aliu)

The most beautiful woman in the world (By Dami O-Aliu)


When I was 18 I dreamt a dream

I dreamt of a lady

A woman so strong she feared no man

A mother so true she would do anything for her family

A priceless jewel

A timeless heart

My Queen

My Wife

Its been a year since we promised forever

I can’t believe how time flies

Feels like just yesterday we met

Feels like just a second ago we fell in love

I love you now even more than when we first met but less than I will tomorrow.

I know I don’t deserve you

Sometimes I doubt the existence of God but with every breath you take I know he must truly exist

Who else could have made someone so beautiful

Someone so caring

Someone so kind

Someone so tough

Someone so strong

You are a blessing to me

You are my pillar, my strength and every time I doubt myself you are always there to set me right

I have so much to say but even the words seem insufficient.

I have no idea where or what I would be if our paths never crossed.

I am only grateful you took a chance on us

You not only gave up your heart for me but also gave me our angels.

My life is better than I ever dreamt it could be and finally I can say it and it be true.

You complete me

When we started our journey a year ago I never knew two would become four in just a year.

Angels from heaven through an angel on earth.

My Angel, My wife, My best friend, My everything and more

I promised you forever and forever is exactly what I will give.

On this special day, our first of many more years to share.

Every time I think I love you as much as I could, another day comes by and yesterday never compares to tomorrow.

I just want you to know that the earth has never had a wife so good or a mother so true.

We love you now and forever.


NB: Dedicated to my wife on our first year wedding anniversary