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Homepage True stories online

The Underdog Tales

Welcome to our site. This site is dedicated to the people out there who have a story to tell that the world needs to hear. A lesson to teach that is unique to your own experience. A lesson from your life’s lecture notes. We are calling all “underdogs” out to tell their stories.

For anyone that does not know it yet, an underdog is a person popularly expected to fail. We want your success stories. We want to learn from you. We want to be inspired by you. We want to be taught by you. We want your story to be the one the world hear. The one that inspires a generation. We want real stories from real people about real events. Feel free to change characters names but inspire the world with a tale that only you can tell.

Welcome to our website (yes, that’s true mine and yours). What we will provide you with is a platform to tell the tale. All credit will be given to the writer so feel free to include your names (if you want). We want to inspire the world with the tales of real people about real events.

Our united goal (with your help) is simple. We want to inspire the world with tales from real people about real events.


“If we stand tall it is because we stand on the backs of those who came before us“….Proverb.


Welcome to your new home to your website. The Underdog tales is dedicated to every one. Come share your own story and lets build our community with things that truly matter.

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Do you have a true story to tell. We would love to read about it. Millions of people waiting to be inspired by your unique life lesson which can only be told by you.

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