The story of a boy whose persepctive of seeing a life has changed…………

Mom enters a room having grocery things in her hand.She notices her son playing video games sitting all the day.She advices him to go out and play,but he refuses .He has always been sad not talking to anyone.His mother was worried about him.

One day she bought a gift for him.She said “Hary ,I have bought something for u”.He replied “whats that mom”.She gave it to her son.After watching the gift hary was really happy it was a small puppy .He was in the air ,but suddenly he thrown the puppy away.Guess why?? Because the pupy was not having one leg.But Still that small puppy came back to him with a loving face which made him feel different.

He was still ignorning it.With one ingured leg the puppy was still playing and this made him think.The boy also cannot walk that made him hate the dog but when he saw that he is trying he’s level best to be happy this made him cry. He took a stand on his one leg stepped out with the dog and went outside to play.

This was the main motto of his mother of  giving him a gift.

Everytime it is not necessary to have everything in our life.Whatever we have ,we have to find happiness in such things   and this life……………..


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