My Near Death Experience Meet Me On The Other Side


I had ten heart attacks:

My tenth heart attack was the worst. I had an experience and I want to tell my story. My story is not for everyone. It is for open minded seekers who have already looked into the possibility of life after death, heard testimonies and want to understand how they are similar even though they all seem to differ and even contradict each other. I may have a helpful piece of the puzzle for you.

I am not a writer as you will see. With this I want to try to attract the attention of a writer who would be able to dig out of me what I really mean by all of this and organize it in a decent order. It may help some people understand the differences in people’s near death experiences, and give you another view of what the after life might be like.

I became a serious seeker after my first heart attack. My first three heart attacks were fifteen days apart. I was scared. I trusted only myself and searched as deeply as I could with an open mind. I knew not to actually join or get involved with any group, religion or movement, however, I wanted to hear what they had to say. I knew how to sort out what I want from them and leave the rest behind. Their message had to make sense to me and fit into what I already knew.

I found where heaven is:

I connected the dots to the stories from many who have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs), I am an NDEer myself. Later in my experience, I got help from a visitor from the other side.

I received two negative reviews on my story telling me I sound like I know-it-all, while at the same time I’m saying; We, including me, got it wrong about God. The thing is, in my short story I dare to try to explain the knowledge that was given to me by my guardian angel visitor. You will see later that it is confusing because of the way my visitor and I had our exchange. I considered re-writing my story but that won’t work. I’m not being arrogant at all. I did however, remove the last two closing paragraphs by request, where I thought I had been rejected by the NDE community, turns out, I was wrong about that.

I always knew the bible was written in code, and I found that all of the holy books are written that way with similar patterns. I am able to make sense of the ancient Greek stories and can read the stars the way they were intended to be read, as if they too were a holy book written in the same code. On the first page of the bible it says, “the stars shall be for signs”. Genesis 1:14. It doesn’t say that they will be for signs, someday.

During my NDE I was uploaded with all the information of the universe. I wish I could remember it all now, though, I do know where that knowledge is. That knowledge is still inside me, however, it’s not as overwhelming as the day it was dropped in my lap. I am able to access a lot of it like any of our normal memories. That knowledge is inside of us all. When I was dead, for the lack of a better term, I knew how many rain drops had ever fallen on the earth. I knew everything about everyone who ever lived – all of their secrets, all of their favorite foods and even their thoughts. This list was endless.

I learned not only what God is, but I learned what God is not. Folks, we got it wrong, and always have. Humans want to believe in monsters, unicorns, leprechauns, devils, etc. People want to believe in miracles and that a man could walk up to an ocean and wave his hands and the sea will open. Or, that a man can talk to a burning bush or even lay down his staff and it would turn into a serpent. How about Jonah, who spent three days in the belly of a fish and came out an evangelist? Then there was the young David who killed the giant Goliath with a sling shot, and that a donkey talked to a man….. As soon as you tell yourself that these people were favored by God, it’s the same as telling yourself that you are not as well liked by God.

The bible is written in code:

Jesus told his disciples that the secrets of the kingdom of God are given to them, but to everyone else they must be taught in parables. Luke 8:10. What makes us think that the disciples, after they became apostles, went and wrote the four gospels and forgot, or ignored what Jesus told them. They wrote the gospels in the same code as all the other prophets. The bible also says that Jesus never spoke but in a parable. People think that the words written in red are straight up truth. The truth is in there but you need to know how to interpret it. The writers keep repeatedly saying, “Blessed is he who reads, and understands the words of this prophecy.” Whoever you would ask if they understand the words of the prophecy they would tell you they do, and actually believe they do. Everyone would claim to be open minded and they believe they really are. As long as we find someone who believes what we believe, we call them open minded.

Religions claim that their religion is the only real truth. Everyone is adamant that their religion is the correct teaching and everyone else has it wrong. I learned during my NDE that is the way it is suppose to be on earth – the more confusing the better. The world is one big logic problem and we were sent here to figure it out. We came here and forgot who we really are. It looks confusing but the more pieces to the puzzle you uncover you will see it is really pretty simple. So simple that it’s hard to believe the answer is right under our noses. People don’t want to hear simple, they want far out, mystic and supernatural to be their truth.

In my search, I looked into several religions briefly until I found the pattern I was expecting to find, and I always found it. I found the same formula every time, numerology, a play on words, and symbols. In ‘The Gospel of Phillip, who’s book was removed from the bible, Phillip says that, “Truth did not come into this world naked, but by types and images. One cannot find truth in any other way.”

I looked into the human brain and found a connection. I studied mind control, hypnosis, Stockholm Syndrome, Sacred Geometry, sound frequencies, UFO’s, Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) and things that would make people label me a conspiracy theorist. I studied Edgar Cayce, who was known as The Sleeping Prophet, I listened to everyone who had something to teach. I took what I wanted from them and left the rest behind. Everyone has bits and pieces of the truth.

I learned that, everyone has a piece of the puzzle, but have not put everything together before they rush out and begin to teach it to the world. So, we have a lot of contradictions and confusion. Is it any wonder? The bible warns about this in many ways.

I am going to do a lot of negative talking about religions and groups but I will, also, explain why they all have their place and are actually beneficial for us in our search.

Unconditional Love?

After my first heart attack I was scared. I can’t put into words how afraid I was of the after life. I knew, throughout my life, when I was doing wrong that I was doing wrong, and it didn’t matter much to me. I think at the time that I believed in God but didn’t think he wanted me in heaven anyway, but in my youth as far as I was concerned, I was immortal and dying was a long way off. Then I learned, and conveniently kept in the back of my head, that, all I have to do someday would be to ask God for forgiveness and I would be covered, piece of cake, but for now, I wasn’t going to watch my language, tote a bible, or sing any corny songs.

Like a lot of people, for most of my life, I made decisions I would regret forever. I made life a whole lot tougher on myself than it needed to be, and I blamed everyone else for the way my life was turning out. I looked for trouble and always found it. Trouble seemed to come looking for me too, meanwhile, I could charm the girls, I wasn’t bad looking, I was a talented musician, I was the king of manipulation, I could talk my way out of anything and I would lie just for the sake of lying – I would lie even if the truth was much more interesting.

My mother died when she was fifty-three and my father died just days after his fifty-sixth birthday. Both deaths were heart related. I was forty-six years old when I had my first heart attack and my first three were fifteen days apart. Now, I started to worry. Death was starting to look like a real possibility. Suddenly, I was very afraid; However, I couldn’t open my mouth and pray to God. I knew the way I had been thinking all these years, I didn’t want to manipulate or bargain with God. I wanted my prayer to be sincere and had no idea how to do that.

Suddenly, everything I heard about the afterlife came flooding back to me, and I panicked. I started searching for a plan. I looked into every religion I could think of to try and make a decision as to what I should do to at least get my foot in the door of heaven. I even thought if I could just have a low level job there that it would be better than burning in hell forever.

If I discussed religion with ten people I got fifteen different opinions. This pattern kept getting worse until I was really scared because I knew, with all my heart and soul I looked under every rock. Now what? I spent a lot of time alone on my farm but still could not make myself pray, I knew, God wasn’t going to fall for any of my side show techniques.

When I did finally decide to open my mouth and discuss my situation with God, after a period of weeping, I shifted into feeling very angry. I raised my voice and to the point of being disrespectful to God, I demanded, that I get the truth. I told God, it was promised to me that if I searched earnestly I would find the truth. I told him, I searched hard and became even more confused and my fears only grew stronger. I was very much in God’s face and at that point I thought I didn’t care if he cut me down with a lightning bolt.

At the end of that heated, one sided conversation, I suddenly felt a calm come over me. I relaxed, and my anger left as fast as it came onto me. I did not hear an audible voice but my thoughts spoke to me. I felt very strongly, that I just might have done something right. I thought of the phrase I had heard many times, ‘Unconditional Love’. I thought, how is it possible to offend God? How is it possible, if he is pure love, to make him angry? I had the feeling that he felt that I had shown him that I wanted answers so badly, that I was even willing to stand up to him and be willing to die if I couldn’t have his forgiveness. Turns out, I felt that he thought I must have been pretty serious to take such a risky step. I even had the feeling that it is what is required of us. One thing I learned in my search was to trust my thoughts and feelings.

Later I thought, if a child of mine came to me and told me they had messed up and wanted my help, realizing they were frightened, I wouldn’t care what tone they used with me, I would listen, and do whatever I could do for them.

Beginning right after my confrontation with God, as I continued in my search, things started making sense to me. I comprehended more of what I read and things were quickly falling into place. This new, very comfortable pattern went on for years as I continued to have many more heart attacks. I had ten total, and during my tenth heart attack I had my NDE.

When people say they saw a UFO, or they saw a ghost, they always feel they have to mention that they don’t care what people think, they know what they saw. Well, I do care what people think. I do want people to believe me when I tell them I had an experience, and hopefully, maybe someone will be inspired by my story.

My Tenth Heart Attack – My NDE:

December 21, 2012. The Mayans implied that date would be the end of the world according to their calendar. Well, nothing happened. That day came and went like any other. Not even a meteor shower that we could claim as a sign. Like everyone else, I was disappointed and embarrassed. I remembered what I had told people about this date and thought they must think of me now as a complete fool. So, I didn’t say anything about it to anyone. I think that’s how a lot of people felt, too. No one brought it up afterwards because they had no answer. So maybe if we just don’t say anything about our false predictions this will all just go away and everyone will forget what we had ever said. Kind of like when we pray for someone to be healed, even though it was promised to us that if we ask it will be given to us. When the healing doesn’t happen we have trained ourselves, and each other to quickly say, “Oh well, it must be God’s will”.

Thirteen days after 12/21/2012, on Friday January 4th 2013, I had plans to meet with a cousin at a local smorgasbord. We meet once every year or two when he is in town. I’m a sucker for a good meal and when I do their buffet I over do it every time with breakfast meats. I put lots of ham, bacon, sausage, and scrapple on my plate and return for more. I really enjoy breakfast meats. I know how they clog my arteries, but I somehow always convince myself that I can get away with it just this once.

That evening, my son called and asked me if I wanted to meet him at, the same smorgasbord the next morning. Sure, I wouldn’t miss a chance to meet up with my son and his family for breakfast – I didn’t say a word to him about me being there already that morning. We met and again, I over did it with the breakfast meats. I should have known better because I have had nine heart attacks in the seven years before this, but I have always been a risk taker. I think at this point I have had five stints put in and one of them was put inside another one. After the second breakfast I should have driven myself straight to the hospital and sat in the waiting room and waited for my next heart attack. I made it through the day and just hoped no other relatives would want to go to that buffet any time soon. The answer is yes, I probably would have gone. Don’t judge me.

The next day, the day of my NDE, was Sunday, January 6th 2013. Ironically, January sixth is the day each year that the world recognizes the Epiphany as a holiday (The Vision of God) on January sixth or the nearest Sunday. This was a Sunday morning, so, the entire world was probably celebrating on that day. I, though, was in my kitchen at home and felt pressure on my chest and from experience I knew this was another heart attack. Within moments, I got myself to the floor and asked my wife to call for an ambulance. It didn’t take too long for me to realize that this attack was worse than any of the others. I told my wife that I felt the ambulance was not going to get there in time. They did arrive eventually but I don’t think they realized how bad this attack was at the time. They seemed to not be in too much of a hurry to get me to the hospital. I wanted to tell them we needed to go, Now!!

Eventually they did get me to the hospital and on time, but by then my body was thrashing around like a helpless fish on the deck of a boat. I could not stop thrashing, I had no control. When they took me down for my tenth catheterization, I was still thrashing about while I was being prepped. Sure, everyone kept telling me to stop moving around, but, I could not. The doctor came in and started the procedure and was telling me to hold still. I wished that I could because I really wanted him to get on with this procedure; I knew I was in trouble this time. They obviously needed me to be still and could not sedate me because my blood pressure had bottomed out, and it would be dangerous to put me under. I had nine of these catheterizations and some of them they put me under and some I was awake through the entire surgery. They needed me to be still so they made the decision to sedate me, so they could do their job. Well, it killed me. I was never told that I was considered clinically dead at any time, but, I was. Believe me, I was dead.

I remember relaxing and drifting off into a dark quiet sleep. It wasn’t too long that I woke up. The doctor was doing his job and I was not thrashing anymore. The doctor was talking with his staff and everything was normal. Oh, except for the man standing beside me with his right hand on my right shoulder. I knew his touch was the reason I stopped thrashing. I felt sure that if he removed his hand, I would begin again.

Everyone in the room at this time was different. They had only “good” in them and were genuinely concerned for my health. I mean, no one had any negative thoughts inside them. No evil thoughts were in this world at this time. I realized then that no one is going to go to hell the way we learned in church. The negative inside each of us is going to be in a different place somewhere. When I say these people had no negative thoughts, I don’t mean evil thoughts like killing or raping. What I mean is, they weren’t thinking that it was lunch time and they are going to be late for their lunch break. I knew their thoughts. No one was thinking any negative thoughts, those negative thoughts were in another world, another matrix. The world I was in was good. I knew, though, that I was still on earth and these people were real people, not spirits.

The man standing beside me was, ME! I realized right away that it was pretty clever for God to send ‘me’ to handle this and the reason is, since I had my first heart attack, I was scared and only trusted myself for answers. Scared of dying and afraid of what I had heard about the afterlife if I wasn’t a good person. I have skeletons in my closet, enough said about that.

So, here I am, lying on a table in the O.R. with, I don’t know, an angel? Well it was ‘me’ alright and when I spoke to him I was on the table looking up at him. When he spoke to me, I was inside him looking down at me and I was actually doing the talking, answering myself. I knew his answers were sincere because when I was inside him, I knew his thoughts.

He, or I, said that I was not going to die. He’s only here to answer my questions. He said I had been on the right path in my search but it needed work. I told him I studied symbols and parables and myths and I understand them and have figured them out to where things pretty much make sense to me. I asked him, if he talks to me will he talk straight up and not in symbols? I told him, if you can do that I sure would like to talk with you. I have many unanswered questions. He assured me he could talk straight with me. I had no doubt he was telling me the truth. With a comforting smile, he admitted that NDEers are usually given their experience in symbols. It’s why they seem to contradict each other.

This was only fifteen days after December 21, 2012, and the first thing I asked my visitor was, “What that day was all about?” Telling him, I knew something was important about that date, but that the day came and went with nothing significant happening. He started out by assuring me that I already knew. I rolled my eyes. He reminded me of a zodiac chart. He pointed out that the last ‘age’ was Pisces, the fish. On 12/21/2012, we officially entered the Age of Aquarius.

He went on to tell me that, “Jesus came in the age of Pisces. Fish is symbolic of wisdom. Everything in the gospels involves fish. Jesus made disciples out of fishermen, John the Baptist, the name John is actually Oenus, which means fish. Water is symbolic of truth. If you put water in a vessel it will instantly take the shape of the vessel. Water remains perfectly level, and is totally transparent. Water, cannot lie. Fish are a symbol of wisdom because they live in water. Jesus’ job at that time was to bring wisdom into the world. He did his job and did it well. The Age of Aquarius, according to the zodiac chart is represented by a naked man pouring a pitcher of water out onto the earth. Wisdom is in the world now, technology is through the roof, and people’s minds have evolved enough to be able to handle the truth, the naked truth. There is no longer a need to speak to them in parables, riddles, myths and fables. Jesus’ disciples asked him when he would return and he replied, “When you see the man with the pitcher of water, follow him into the city and I will meet you there.” Mark 14:13

My visitor told me, “The problem is, that it will be hard for people to listen to the truth because of their core beliefs. Their beliefs are so embedded in them that they will not want to hear anything different than what they already believe. This is the meaning of the parable of the people saying, ‘Give us Barabbas. Crucify the Jew!’ This means, people will always rather have their traditions and do not want the truth. They want to believe in unicorns, monsters and that a man can walk on water. Jesus walked on truth, not water. They want to believe that a man spent three days in the belly of a fish and lived. Things on earth do not happen the way they are told in the bible, they are symbolic stories. A man did not walk up to an ocean and open it up and cross over into freedom. The color ‘red’ is symbolic of our emotions, especially ego. Moses separated the Red Sea, the earth’s truth from common sense truth. He parted his ego and was able to find the real truth and be saved. Do you remember ever reading, ’The truth will set you free?’ Being baptized in water is symbolic of being baptized in truth.

Jesus was baptized by John the fish (wisdom) with water (truth) then heaven opened up to him. Jesus also turned water into wine. Wine is a symbol of spirit. He turned wisdom into truth, then he turned truth into spirit.”

He continued, “The story of Noah, before the flood, the bible says there was no rain, a mist came up from the earth. It does not work that way, there has always been rain. A mist represents tiny particles of water, or truth. That’s what we get from the earth, bits and pieces of truth. Then Noah went into the ark (meditation) and the flood came. Lots of truth came to him.

These beliefs have been put in people’s heads by religions with the aid of fear. Religions tell us that if you don’t believe this, you will burn in hell forever. What is a child suppose to do but submit and trust their parents and leaders. There is always an ‘or else’ if you don’t obey.

Religions make God sound like an old man with a long beard sitting around plotting revenge and eventually planning a blood bath on the earth someday. Then they keep saying how awesome is God.

Changing from the age of Pisces to Aquarius is changing from wisdom to truth then spirit will return to the earth, (you)


“When the student is ready, the teacher will come” — Buddha

With his right hand still on my right shoulder the man moved around me and placed his left hand on my left shoulder. Instantly I was uploaded with all the information of the universe. I knew how many rain drops had ever fallen on the earth. I knew everyone’s name, and everything about everyone who ever existed and who is to ever live. I knew, and remembered every thought and feeling each person ever had as if I lived their life. Not only, every person, but every living thing. I knew every bird, every star, and I was shown my life in every tiny detail. Some people who have NDEs are shown their life and are made to feel every emotion and feel every pain that they had ever put someone else through. When I was given this knowledge, I was reminded that I had done a search of the way I had treated people. When I was searching for the truth I re-enacted and made myself remember who I had treated badly. I considered as closely as I could how they must have felt. So, with the man behind me I was not made to re-live that part of my life. I had already taken care of that for the most part. That information was included in the knowledge I was given, but I was not made to re-live it in a separate session.

The important part about being uploaded with all of this knowledge is that even though I forget what was shown to me now that I have returned; now I know where that knowledge is. It is not in a physical or geographic place somewhere out in space. It is inside of every one of us already. It is the collective mind. Heaven is a massive compilation of all of our thoughts, memories and imaginations. I was taken inside of myself and shown this knowledge. I did not go off into outer space.

My visitor gave me an example, He said, “If I were to write the word ‘wagon’ on the black board in a class room, would it be just a word on the blackboard? The moment I write it and you read the word “wagon” the word goes into your head and becomes a picture in your head. One person will picture a red wagon, another person will picture a covered wagon in an old western movie. There will be an image in everyone’s head of a different wagon. That wagon is now a thought and no longer just a word on the blackboard. Thoughts are real and alive. Leave the classroom and later someone may ask you how the class went today and you might tell them about the wagon exercise. They will immediately create an image of a wagon and it will, also, be in their head forever. They will have it filed away and when that person is asked someday what kind of a class you attend, and in gossiping they might say, “Some stupid class about wagons.” Nevertheless the picture of the wagon was spread and it does not matter what that picture looks like in anyone’s head. It is your private perception of that wagon, but it can be used someday to ride on down the streets paved with gold if you want to. The image is in your head and cannot ever be removed. This is the way it is with every word you put in your head, the word is all mighty powerful and with the word you are blessed”.

When we are awake here in this realm, in this physical world, the switch is turned on and we are aware of our surroundings. When we die, or when we are in a proper state of meditation, or when we are having an NDE, the switch can be turned off, and this allows the switch to be turned on, to our collective imagination. Please do not take this lightly, our thoughts are real and we are connected to each other by our mind. When we open a book and read the words, they are only words when they are on paper, but when we read them we put those words into our heads. They then become thoughts and thoughts are alive. They can be used to create later, figure things out, or solve a problem of any kind, or just to have fun with. Thoughts are not only real they are spiritual. A surgeon cannot open your skull and find one thought or one dream or a single idea. Where are they? They are stored in the collective mind. The collective mind is many times more massive than what we call cyber space. We know it’s there but we cannot see it. (Everything in cyber space was also included in the knowledge I was given, even everything that had been deleted, so watch your selfies) Every bit of information that goes into our heads and every daydream is filed away and creates another portion of heaven. We will live in our imagination someday and everyone we know is in there, it is a real world, a real universe, and has been built on since the beginning of time.

We are connected by our mind. Our thoughts are separate from our mind and our common sense is even more unique. When we get an idea, we claim it as our own, not realizing it came from the collective mind. Our ego kicks in with each thought. You might say for example, “Wow, I just had an idea. I just invented something. I’m going to go to the patent office and register my idea so no one can steal it, then I’m going to go to the bank and take out a loan and mass produce my widget. I’ll be rich. I may or may not share my wealth, depends on if I like you or not.” Everything is, ME ME ME!!! We don’t give credit to the mind; we live in our thoughts where we are separate from the mind.

The name Abraham means, ‘Father of a Multitude.’ (Hebrew) The word father in ancient eastern philosophy means, the mind. The word son means, our thoughts, and the Holy Spirit is our common sense. Abraham is the father of us all. The prodigal son has left the father. In other words, here on earth we are basically out of our minds. That’s the way it is suppose to be on earth. We have fallen from grace and have to find our way back to the father. Don’t blame Lucifer for what he did, take responsibility for yourself. You and I fell from grace, not some creepy monster. People in this world are all to blame; we are trying to make this world perfect, like the next world. We think that if we just make another law the problem will be fixed. Problem is, we make it worse instead of better. Then we think we must be in need of another law or two.

How to Read the Apostle Paul in the Bible:

My visitor insisted, “You almost have to read the apostle Paul completely backwards. Just because he says something, it doesn’t mean he means what he says. Paul was never one of Jesus’ disciples. He was never one of the twelve. One of the twelve had to be eliminated. Judas was Jesus’ most trusted disciple. He was the treasurer of the group, and when he dipped the sop with Jesus, that was like a contract between two people. It was an honor to be chosen to do a special job.

The twelve disciples represent the twelve cranial nerves in your head. One of them will deceive you. The optical nerve. Your eyes deceive you. You can’t always believe what you see on earth. Nor can you believe all you read in the holy books if you read with your intellect. You have to read with a different eye. You have to read with your third eye, the pineal gland. You have to see things with your thoughts. (When you are searching and finding truth you will hopefully come to this conclusion) Paul represents the ‘new eye’ that you will be able to see with. He is the replacement for the twelfth apostle. Judas was never an apostle, he killed himself before the other eleven became apostles. So, you must read and understand Paul in a different way. A disciple is a student, they became apostles (teachers) later, according to the book of Acts in the bible”.

Paul was arguably, never even a real person. There is no record of him ever existing. The stories of him too, are alligories. The closest anyone can come to the Paul character in the bible is, Appollonius of Tyana.

Paul is the most favored apostle by Christians. He is the most respected of all the others. He doesn’t show up until the book of Acts in the bible which comes just after the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

My visitor went on to tell me, “He, (Paul) use to persecute Christians before he had his experience on the road to Damascus. Christians think, he came to his senses and doesn’t persecute Christians anymore. Not necessarily so! On your search you must persecute Christianity and all religions. Paul, (like myself) had to come to the conclusion that religions are wrong to give people all these rules, and fears, to make their flock obey. Then he was able to see clearly and find truth and saw an apparition of Jesus on the road to Damascus. When this revelation hit Paul, it knocked him off his horse”.

Paul later said, “The things I should do, I do not do. The things I know I should not do, those things I do”.

Christians take these words and say, see? even Paul admits we are all just sinners and we will be for the rest of our lives. This gives christians a free pass to do a little wrong. That’s not what Paul was saying at all, you must read Paul completely backwards. He was talking to the church. I will paraphrase here to show my point. Paul was saying to the church, those rules you place on me, like, I should always say something kind or do something I don’t want to do, and smile, I’m not going to do those things. The things you, (the church) don’t want me to do, like look at a beautiful woman or say a curse word, or even think something I shouldn’t think, I’m going to do those things anyway. I am a free thinker – My thoughts are not going to be in bondage to you or your needless rules”.

I am never going to try to teach what I know to any group. I will gladly offer someone many examples but what I would be helping them with is jump-starting their brain so they can begin to think on their own, and not thinking through the government, a religion, their family, an education system, etc.

People get information from the other side but before they are ready to teach they decide to become a teacher because of their ego. They don’t have the bottom line and their teaching is nothing more than a bunch of rambling. You will even hear them say while they’re teaching, that they are still on the search themselves. The parable of the ten virgins speaks of just that. If you have been given oil, save it for when it is the proper time to use it and not before. In paraphrasing, the story of the ten virgins, means simply, shut up!! It is, also, put to us in the bible that we should not try to cast the splinter out of someone else’s eye before we cast the beam out of our own eye.

It is hard to comprehend, so, do I leave out the part where, while my visitor was with me we were together eighteen years. The doctors only worked on me for about an hour and a half. In the eighteen years, I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t bored, nor did I have to use the restroom. The visitor answered my questions and I asked what I wanted to know without being shy. He assured me that I was going to be okay.

Because of the way my visitor and I had our exchange, when I spoke to him I was inside myself, when he spoke to me I was inside him. I have trouble remembering who said what sometimes. I use to focus on, was that in question form or was that an answer? I don’t try to focus on that anymore, too confusing. When I was inside him I knew his thoughts, so I knew his answers were truthful. The way time was on that day is also confusing to me. I knew somehow that it was eighteen years I was with my visitor but there was not eighteen years worth of sunrises and sunsets, or any other way to determine time. He started out teaching me in ‘real time’ then when he uploaded me with information time changed. It was like eighteen years of education in a split second.

I learned how to read the bible and other holy books:

When I was on my search, I found that everything is pointing me to physical parts of the head, particularly the brain. For example, The Gospels say, “They led him to Golgotha, which is to say, The Place of the Skull.” The temple on the side of your head is the only temple not made by hands. I always enjoyed a play on words and had fun with them. The mercy seat is the collection of very important parts in the center of your brain which are described in the bible. ie, The fornix (the furnace, or the vault, or the tomb) The pillars of fornix (the pillars inside the temple) The Hippocampus (the white horse) the Thalamus, which houses the pineal gland, the hypothalamus, etc. In your brain there is also a Dura Mater and a Pia Mater, Hard Mother and Tender Mother, a.k.a. the holy and the holy of holies. In the tabernacle there are two rooms, the holy and the holy of holies, separated by a curtain or a veil – this is called the arachnoid in your brain, also, called the web. The arachnoid divide the Dura Mater and the Pia Mater in your head.

In Genesis 32:30 Jacob says, “I will call the name of the place Peniel for I have seen God face to face.” Then in verse 31 it says, “then they left Penuel…” Things like this should be attention getters. Is Peniel and Penuel the same as the Pineal Gland in the brain? I found many play on words, too many to ignore.

Rene’ Descartes, Father of philosophy in France, 1596 – 1650 said, “There is one place in the human body where God and soul meet, it’s the pineal gland of the brain”.

Everything in the holy books and all the ancient stories and all of their characters are things in our heads. Mnenosyne, Greek goddess of memory, mother of the Muses. Pegasus, the white seahorse, mother was Medusa, father was Poseidon, king of the raging sea. Pegasus, the Hippocampus in our brain.

So, if the holy books and all of mythology were leading me to physical parts of the brain; I had to wonder what were spiritual things in my brain. I figured that there are three things, the mind, (the Father) our thoughts, (the Son) and our common sense (the Holy Spirit) Slam dunk !!!

I learned that every group of living things in the bible are symbolic of our thoughts, ie, a plague of frogs, a plague of locus, the multitude, our enemies, armies, sheep, the wicked people of Sodom and Gommorah, the children of Egypt, the animals taken onto the ark, etc. This is not limited to the bible; Medusa’s snakes are symbolic of her raging thoughts after she had been raped by Poseidon. She turned herself, into a monster. When her head was severed by Percius, she released the white horse and gave birth to Pegasus. The white horse is spirit. Percius is persistence.

Are things in the bible symbolic? Yes! Are there contradictions? No!

* The bible says in one place to love your enemies. Then elsewhere it says, hate your mother.

* How did Moses write about his own death?

* One gospel says all the disciples were at the transfiguration of Jesus, In the gospel of John, John knew nothing about it. You would think something that awesome, John would at least mention it.

* In one of the gospels it says, immediately after being baptized by John the Baptist Jesus went out into the desert for 40 days. Then in another gospel it says, 3 days after Jesus was baptized he was at the wedding where he turned water into wine. Which is the truth?

~There are no contradictions if you have learned symbols and can understand parables.

~The bible talks about, ‘Dark Sayings.’ Psalms 78:2 and Proverbs 1:6

~God talks to us, (and lots of people in the bible) in our dreams, but we think dreams are only non-sense.

~Symbols are how God speaks to us because it’s a ‘Universal Language’. We say things like; “We shot the bull.” That doesn’t mean we took a gun and killed a poor bull, it means we had a conversation. We say, “She spilled the beans.” Don’t go get a broom, no one spilled any beans. It means she said something she shouldn’t have. It’s how everyone in the world talks. That’s why, and how God an God’s people, speak to us, In parables, myths and fables.

~God is here and is available now! Not after you die. We just don’t know how to listen to him, or see him.

~Would you buy a new car if the salesman gave you a Really good deal but said you can’t have it until after you die? No, of course you wouldn’t, but that’s what a lot of people are falling for when they come out of churches.

~Religions have their place, they keep a half decent order in the world, but they will not, and can not teach you about the, ‘Hidden Manna.’

I look at the stars now and see the same holy scripture:

I will give one example, it gets confusing. The three stars in Orion’s Belt. Say they represent Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego. If they go to the east (their right side), they line up with the star Sirius. Is there a play on words with the word serious? Behind the three boys is a star named Aldebaran, it is a ‘Red Giant’. Red represents our ego. So, if the boys get serious and leave behind their giant egos (Sirius is symbolic of the furnace), which is also the fornix in your brain, they leave behind their giant egos (with the help of their common sense) they will meet up with the ‘Son of Man.’

From right to left these six asterisks represent, Aldebaran, the three stars in Orion’s belt and Sirius and show how they all line up with the sunrise in the east. * * *** * You can see Aldebaran to the west of the three stars, and you will notice it is red.

Using your common sense is easy. The way the story goes in the bible is that the three boys were put into a furnace and they cranked up the heat seven times hotter. When they looked into the furnace later there was a forth person with them, who looked like the son of man. Use your common sense, it doesn’t work that way, what is the story trying to tell you?

Left Brain, Right Brain:

There is so much to say about the clues given to point you to how important it is to understand the left brain and the right brain in the bible. Jesus for example, said he was going to sit at the right hand of the father and he told his disciples to cast their nets to the right side of the ship. Another example is, 1 Kings 6:8 “The door for the middle chamber was in the right side of the house….” Still another, Judah was told in Numbers 2:3 to, “camp to the right, to the east, to the point of the rising sun”, and by the way, in verse 9 it says, “when they counted the number of the children of the tribe of Judah (who were called the children of light) there were 186,400”. The constant speed of light is 186,400 miles per second. Talk about God speed.

My argument is that the left brain is negative energy and the right brain is positive energy. The Quran has the same type of reference to left and right to refer to the people of the hellfire and the people of Paradise.

“Ashab el shemal” “أصحاب الشمال” literally translated to “friends of the left”.

“Ashab el yameen” “أصحاب اليمين” literally translated to “friends of the right”.

The bible uses the clue ‘right’ a lot and for good reason. There is a man named Bill Donahue with a website called where I learned a lot about symbols. Thanks Bill.

When you put what you learn about symbols together, you will find that the left brain represents your intellect, the right brain is your spiritual nature or wisdom. You have a four-fold nature, your spiritual, intellectual, emotional and your physical. They use north to represent your emotional, east is your spiritual, south is your physical and west is your intellectual nature. Numbers are important in the bible, well, in all of ancient eastern philosophy and in the holy books, the number four means your four-fold nature. Shadrack, Meshack and Abednago, are three of the four, the planet Sirius represents the forth, spiritual. The number seven means Divine Intervention. Read the stories after learning about symbols and it makes the story so much more clear. The four horses in the book of Revelation, were red (emotional), pale (intellectual), black (physical) and white (spiritual).

The rider of the pale horse, his name was death. If you live by your intellect you will die, kill, and suffer many things. Well, we all live in our left brain, our intellect, and we are encouraged to develop our intellect to be successful on this planet. There lies the problem. We divorced our right brain and got a little selfish. This is the divorce that God hates. We need to re-marry our left brain and right brain. When a child age one through three is put on Santa Clause’s lap, the child sees the color red as a low frequency and is afraid. After the child is conditioned for a few more years he/she has no problem giving Santa their list of demands. Everything at that point is, ‘me me me!’ Also, when we turn four or five years old what else do you notice happening to us? We realize we are naked and cover up. It didn’t matter when we were younger who saw us without clothes, but now that your intellect has been conditioned enough and you have introduced guilt and shame into your world, now we need clothes. This is what happened to Adam and Eve when they were tempted by the serpent in the garden. These stories are parables.

The story of Adam and Eve in the bible is also teaching us about nuclear fusion. If you remove an electron from an atom, it becomes male energy because it has one less electron. When you take the electron you’ve taken from the atom and insert it into another atom, the second atom becomes female energy because now it has an extra electron. The electron is an R.I.B (Radioactive Ion Beam). You need a catalyst to actually do the procedure and in the case of the story of Adam and Eve, the catalyst is God. This is how life begins, and the male and female atoms can then begin to reproduce. This teaches us that some things should be removed from your left brain (intellect) making it male energy and insert real truth into your right brain (wisdom) making it female energy and the sons (thoughts) born from the re-marriage will become the child of promise. (this is the ten percent we should be tithing to the church, not our money) This is the time you can consider yourself born again. Remember, Moses was born of the slave woman and put on the water, then raised by the free woman. Abraham’s second born son Isaac was the child of promise. An allegory is a parable which names names and places, a parable just says for example, five virgins or the prodigal son, etc.

The apostle Paul says in Galatians Chapter 4:22, “For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one by the bondmaid, the other by a freewoman.” Verse 23, “But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but the freewoman was by promise”, and in verse 24 he says, “Which things are an allegory…” Paul admits, this story is an allegory.

On a battery you have positive (+) and negative (-) energy and they must work together to produce power. If they are crossed, you have trouble and dangerous sparks. People think we should learn to think happy thoughts all the time. You need both positive and negative thoughts to figure this stuff out. This is the battle of Armageddon. Your thoughts are your only enemies, love your enemies. The male and female had better learn to get along or the marriage is over. Many who have NDE experiences will tell you:’

God is energy.

That has been made clear by many NDEers. But what does that mean? I have always needed to know the mechanics of the universe. My experience took me on that journey. The information I was uploaded with I dare try to explain making me look like a know-it-all.

Many NDEers say they were uploaded but don’t often try to explain. It is difficult. I am a musician, I have a recording studio and I understand sound frequencies. My guardian angel helped me polish my findings during my NDE. As you tune an instrument from low to higher you tighten the frequency. It’s mathematics, if the frequency of middle ‘C’ is 50 then ‘C’ on the next octave is doubled, to 100, the next octave would be 200, etc. If you go up too high only a dog can hear it. If you go too low it is very distorted, like someone experiencing feelings of depression.

The word ‘son’ means sound. The root word son is in a lot of words like, sonic, sonar, resonate, even the word sound sort of has the root word son in it (if you leave out the letter u) The Latin word for son is ‘sol’ – the Italian word for son is ‘sole’ – I like a play on words and can see the word ‘soul’ in these words.

The bible shows me clues related to sound waves. There will be 144,000 saved. Well, there are 144 tones and over-tones in every music scale.

If you look in the concordance in your bible and look up ‘wave offering’ then google it you will see a triangle image of a wave pattern pointing down-ward. If you look up ‘confirmation wave’ you will see an image of a wave pattern pointing upward. If you overlap the two images you will have the star tetrahedron shape, or the star of David. This is God communicating with man.

For the past 15 years you could buy a metal detector that can tell you what kind of metal is under the surface. Metals emit different frequencies and the metal detector can sort them out. Colors emit different frequencies. On a rainbow from bottom up, red is a low frequency and the highest is purple at the top. Same as your colored chakras. Each frequency gets tighter as you go up. Like if you had a pyramid shape colored like a rainbow and each color had ten waves – as you go up the ten waves would get tighter.

This is the way it is with the lower mind. In meditation, or as you are about to die, your frequency level changes and you can enter into your higher mind. In the bible this is, ‘going to the mountain.’

In the winter we lose all the nice higher frequency colors, blue skies, green grass, flowers, etc. and those colors are replaced by brown, dead grass, gray skies, and cold weather. Cold temperature has low frequencies as well. During this time people most sensitive to these changes can be diagnosed with, ‘Seasonal Depression.’ In the spring we have ‘New Life’ and new colors, smells and nicer temperatures that make us feel good.

Somewhere in Islamic teachings, possibly from a Hadith or perhaps just folklore, they also tell about Adam and Eve pro-creating. They kept having sets of twins. The twins were always male and female. The male twins would keep marrying the next female twins who were born. The next female would marry the next male, etc. I had a hobby two winters ago restoring golf carts. I have this a little unclear now but this kind of marriage is how you would connect six, 6 volt batteries to run a 36 volt system in an electric golf cart. You could also generate 36 volts if you wire together three 12 volt batteries using the same pattern. If religions would work together instead of separating themselves from each other the world would be a great place. The negative, low frequency energy we emit out into the universe only serves to divide us.

I have always enjoyed working on engines and like to restore old cars. I am a pretty good mechanic. In my search I wanted to know the mechanics of how some of these things work.

Heaven is the collective mind and the collective imagination – and my guardian angel describes why we all see things differently in his account of the ‘Wagon Exercise.’

This allows for people to experience many different accounts including God himself. Some people go to one world and some people go to another.

When the bible says, God made man in his image – according to my experience I take that as God made man in his imagination. No one is wrong, the left brain intellect demands details and answers. If someone has and experience it is real to them and if someone else’s story differs they must be wrong ???

Three questions…

1) How do you experience absolutely every thing in this world? Answer: With your mind and your thoughts.

2) If you go to hell how will you experience absolutely everything there? With your mind and your thoughts.

3) If you go to heaven how will you witness absolutely everything there? With your mind and your thoughts.

There is nothing in this universe, or in the next universe, but the collective mind, and the collective imagination.

Simply think something and it will manifest. I do not know what state I was in at the time of my NDE. I did not flat-line and I was not considered clinically dead. The people in the room would have been acting a little different than they were if I had flat-lined. I know my blood pressure had bottomed out and I was sedated when I shouldn’t have been. My arteries were clogged and I wasn’t getting the blood flow I needed.

I definitely had my mind. I knew all of the thoughts of the people in the room with me. They had no negative thoughts, those thoughts were in another world. I am glad I didn’t enter that other world in my experience. In my opinion, that would have been hell. An entire world, or a universe with nothing but negative thoughts and energy. Even with the excitement of knowing that I knew the thoughts of the people in the room with me, I focused on the conversation I was having with my guardian angel visitor.

When you go on a search for God, the last thing you want to do is to go to a bible scholar. A scholar has studied the bible with his left brain intellect and does not have many solid answers for you. The less education someone has on the bible the more I would listen to what they have to say. I know I am not adding many foot notes and references to prove my case, and also, I know how arrogant this is going to sound, but “I am the source of my information.” You are the source of your findings if you trust yourself and let no man on earth be your teacher.

When I woke up after the surgery and spoke to my doctors, I told them that I wanted to go home in the morning. They about had a cow and emphatically said, “No!” I told them I would sign myself out against medical advice if they didn’t release me. I knew I was going to be fine. I told the doctors I wasn’t going to take any medications anyway, or switch to any kind of a special diet. I wasn’t going to follow any advice, I was just going to get back to my normal routine; except maybe not overdoing it with breakfast meats so much anymore. I didn’t want to be argumentative with the doctors because for one thing they saved my life. I knew, and they reminded me of my condition when I arrived at the hospital. I was just assured by a higher power that I would be, “okay”, so, I trusted in that. I’m writing this now a year and a half after the experience and have not taken any of the prescribed heart medications. Yes, I will die like everyone else someday. When I do, I will enjoy the world of my/our imaginations and memories where everyone I ever knew who died before me will meet me there. I no longer have a fear of dying. I want to help people who really want help. I’m not interested in some of the drama from a lot of sufferers.

A Healing:

About twelve weeks ago. I met my friend at McDonald’s at a half way point between his home and mine. His phone interrupted our lunch but he had been waiting for an update on his ex wife’s condition. It was his step son. He got the update he had been dreading to hear. His step son said they were told she would probably not make it through the night. He still loves his ex wife, long story. He left and spent the night at the hospital and stared at her in a helpless coma.

Next day, I called him to see if she is still with us. She was, but my friend was pretty upset. (He and I had been talking about my NDE for the past year and a half) As we were talking he ask me what he should do. I spit and sputtered and said I don’t know, how should I know!! He raised his voice at me and said, Gary, I think you do know what to do.

That hit me like a ton of bricks, and stopped me in my tracks. I paused for only a second. I began to speak from my gut, and I had no idea what I was talking about. I said to my friend, Ok, she is in a coma, she’s not dead. At this point, I said, she is allowed to decide if she wants to go into the next world or return to this world.

I told him that she can hear you. Hold her hand and ask her if she wants to pass over or if she wants to return. I said, and make sure she responds and gives you an answer.

He told me later that he did that, and she did respond, and let him know she wants to return to this world. He did not tell me how she responded.

I told him, ok, she has to focus on this world, and you have to help her to focus on this world. I said, touch her knee and say this is your knee. Touch her nose and say this is your nose, etc.

A nurse came into the room and asked him if he was some kind of a faith healer or something.

Long story short, she came out of the coma, she’s home now, she’s on facebook and on the phone, talking and laughing with everyone. She has a long way to go to continue recovering but she’s alive and well and my friend thinks I walk on water. Everyone is happy 🙂

I am not trying to teach you WHAT to think, I am trying to show you how the ancients tought people HOW to think. Use your own common sense and try not to believe in unicorns. The answers are already inside you. If you follow or depend on anyone on earth for the answers, you are going to spend a lot of time getting more and more confused.


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